Monday, March 09, 2015

Get Well Gifts

Sending a Get Well Gift or a Card- what is better?

Who doesn’t love receiving a gift? Sending get well gifts can actually be a powerful form of communication. If you send a get well gift it conveys a message of love, care, gratitude and sympathy in a more demonstrative, meaningful way than words or a card. It can be a very useful and important tool for anyone interested in building or improving relationships with clients, co-workers, family and friends.

Here are some Get Well Gift ideas that you can have delivered or make one yourself and deliver it in person:

1.      Candy basket filled with nostalgic candies like fun dip, jelly belly beans, nerds, gummy worms etc.

2.     Movie Theme Gift filled with microwaveable popcorn, chocolate bars, peanuts, caramel candy corn

3.     Cancer Gift, for those undergoing chemo – hand cream, tea, sugar cookies, blanket, crossword book, magazines.

4.     Plush Bears are always nice for any age and some have removable heat packs that they can put in the microwave to heat. It becomes a great source of comfort especially for children or seniors.

5.     General food basket filled with snacks to share such as cookies, chocolates, candy, crackers, cheese and dips.

The list endless and you’ll be remembered for going out of your way to bring some cheer in their time of need.

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