Sunday, November 29, 2015

40 Fun Stocking Stuffer ideas for Kids

Take the stress out of shopping for Stocking Stuffers this year.  Gifts for Every Reason has come up with a list of 40 fun and inexpensive Stocking Stuffer ideas for kids that will have parents done shopping in no time. (Make this your yearly go to list)
1.     Mini Flashlight 
2.     ChapStick or Lip Gloss
3.     Hair Brushes
4.     Gloves or mittens
5.     Hat
6.     Book
7.     Nail polish
8.     Manicure set
9.     Bath Crayons 
10. Play-Doh
11. New water bottle   
12. Socks

13. Lotions or body wash
14. Play Figurines (My Little Pony, Shopkinz, Lego Figures)
15. Hot Wheels
16. Yo-Yo
17. Movie tickets for the family
18. Super Bouncy Ball
19. Bubbles
20. Markers, crayons or pencil crayons
21. Glow sticks
22. Fun Electric Toothbrush 
23. Gel Pens
24. Candy Canes
25. Skipping Rope
26. Christmas Candy
27. Ear buds (headphones)
28. Slinky
29. Whoopee Cushion
30. Chalk
31. Gift Card for i tunes or the movies
32. New cell phone case
33. Diary with lock and key
34. Watches
35. Colouring Books (They have new ones for older kids and adults)
36. Hair accessories
37. Temporary Tattoos
38. Toiletries Bag (for sleepovers)
39. Key Chains
40. Pez Candy dispensers

Ideas brought to you by:
 Gifts for Every Reason - 'Your alternative to sending Flowers since 2003"

Friday, September 25, 2015

The Basket Whisperer

Did you know that I'm not just a gift basket designer? Part of my job is listening to customers. 

When I pick up the phone and a customer wants to order a gift, in most cases, they also have a need to explain why the gift is needed. What their friend/loved one is going through whether it is an illness, a grieving or a happy occasion. Sometimes they cry on the phone. But in all cases I listen. I hear their stories and my customers end the conversation feeling a sense of relief. 

They call me "The Basket Whisperer".
Alesse Antonik - owner, head designer

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Taking Care of Out-of-Town Clients

Taking Care of Out-of-Town Clients

Taking care of your out-of-town clients when they visit is important for building and maintaining your business relationship. Your client will return home feeling special and will have good things to say about you and your company.

Compile a welcome basket

Your client has just spent hours travelling by plane, car or train.  They are most likely tired, hungry, and maybe not in very good spirits. Make your visiting clients feel special by arranging a welcome basket for their arrival. It can be either sent to their hotel room, or have it waiting for them at the office. Include some welcome treats that they can snack on while they settle in.  Popchips, chocolates, nuts, dried fruits, cookies.  Maybe add some bottled water.  Have the gift match the theme of the visit, a convention, or use your company colours.

Let Gifts for Every Reason, help you plan your next gift for out of town guests make their stay a little more memorable. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Stand Out From Your Competition

Everyone wants to stand out from the competition and it's not always an easy thing to do.

One thing that we've noticed helps is how you present yourself and your product. We're talking about something to make people STOP and look at YOUR product instead of the one next to it. 

A great way to show off your product is assembling them in a show stopping Gift Basket.  Think this is just a load of cow pies?  See some before and after pictures of items we've done for Trade Shows, Donations and prizes and see which photo makes you STOP and take a second look.





Gifts for Every Reason - helping you look amazing! 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Administrative Day Gifts Toronto

Let your assistant, right hand person, office manager or the entire team know that the dedication and hard work they display each day is appreciated. They work hard for you and your show of thanks will be much appreicated!

Gifts for Every Reason has gift baskets in every price range and theme with a special FREE Delivery in Canada!  Choose from pampering Spa gifts, delicious gourmet food baskets, Edible Fruit arrangements and more.

Visit our website and order your Thank You gift while they last.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Top 5 Gifts to thank your Administrative Assistant.

Administrative Professionals Day Toronto

They say, you are only as good as your Assistant.
Show them how much you appreciate them by sending a gift basket on Administrative Professionals Day.  A special day to acknowledge and give thanks for the efforts of your administrative assistant, receptionist, office manager or other valuable admin person. 
  1. Hand cream, tea, coffee, cookies and chocolate.
  2. Wine and cheese basket
  3. Edible Fruit Arrangement
  4. The way to a girls heart is with an all chocolate basket
  5. Gourmet healthy basket with fruit, nuts, kale etc

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Vegan Gift Baskets Canada

Vegan Gift Baskets Toronto with Free Delivery

Wondering what Vegan is?  Vegan is a person who does not eat anything that is of animal origin. This will include items such as butter, milk, eggs, cheese, honey and meat.

Gifts for Every Reason, has made it easy to send these specialty gifts to loved ones, friends and clients.

We will include items such as; Kale, nuts, fruits, salmon, milk and butter free crackers, special jams and dips.  And did we mention we taste test everything before it goes into out baskets?  Why do we do this?  Because Gifts for Every Reason is a company that cares, and understands the importance of sending a correct Vegan gift.  We have Vegan friends and family and we make it our business to ensure you send something your loved one can enjoy.

Some Famous Vegans/ Vegetarians:

  •   Alicia Silverstone (Actress)
  •   Joaquim Phoenix (Actor)
  •   Linda Blair (Actress)
  •   Pamela Anderson (Actress)
  •   Paul McCartney (Musician)
  •   Prince (Musician)
  •   Sinead O'Connor (Musician)
  •   Benjamin Franklin (Scientist)
  •   Albert Einstein (Scientist)
  •   Sir Isaac Newton (mathematician)
  •   H.G. Wells (Author)
  •   Hans Christian Andersen (Author)
  •   Leonardo da Vinci (Italian painter)
  •   Vincent Van Gogh (painter)
  •   Henry Ford (Founder of Ford Motor Co)
  •   Plato (Greek philosopher)

Diabetic Gift Baskets Canada

Diabetic Gift Baskets with Free Delivery Toronto Ontario Canada

Diabetes can strike anyone, young and old.  Roughly 2 million Canadians have been diagnosed with Diabetes, with numbers growing every year.

Managing diabetes can be difficult and certainly finding a diabetic gift can be next to impossible.
But Gifts for Every Reason, has made it easy to send these specialty gifts to loved ones, friends and clients.

Specialty items that are not only low in sugar but also low in carbs.  A combination some companies do not take into consideration.  

Diabetic jams, chocolates, fruits and nuts, cheese and crackers make up the majority of our sugar free baskets.  And did we mention we taste test everything before it goes into out baskets?  Why do we do this?  Because Gifts for Every Reason is a company that cares, and understands the importance of sending a correct diabetic gift.  We have friends and family who suffer daily with diabetes and we make it our business to ensure you send something your loved can enjoy.

Visit our website to see selections.  

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Why send a Gift?

Save Time – Look Professional – Have it Delivered

How often have you felt bad because you forgot to thank someone properly?
Stumped what to get for that hard to buy for person?

Do you want to send something other than flowers for the loss of a friend?

Or what about the client that just had a baby?

Our team will create AND deliver a professional, personalized gift with that special touch, that will mean the world to the one receiving it!
· Realtor Gifts    · Gluten Free    · Vegan    · Diabetic    · Kosher    · Arabic    · Savoury    · Spa    · Baby    · Get Well    · Sympathy    · Birthday    · Corporate

What our customers are saying:

Thank you ever so much for going above and beyond today to assist Louise and myself to put together, so quickly and on your day off, the wonderful basket for my dad.  He absolutely loved it.
Councillor Michael Emm, Whitby ON -Oct 2014

Monday, March 23, 2015

Flowers or Gift Baskets for Jewish Mourning

Flowers or Gift Baskets for Sitting Shiva

Many of you are wondering how to express condolence to a Jewish friend or client and what types of sympathy gifts or items are appropriate to send.
Your first thought would be to send a floral arrangement, however, flowers are typically not a part of the Jewish mourning tradition and should not be sent when someone has passed.

Food and Condolence Baskets

During the shiva, mourners are required to abstain from participating in some of the most basic functions of everyday life, including cooking and preparing meals.
For this reason, sending a Shiva Gift Basket is a customary condolence gift. Shiva Gift Baskets contain a variety of food items that is sent to the home and are intended to provide nourishment for those in mourning throughout the weeklong duration of the Shiva. Appropriate food items found within a Shiva basket include baked goods and desserts, fruit, dried fruit & nuts, and assorted chocolates.

When to Send a Shiva Basket

Shiva begins immediately after burial, with the day of the funeral counted as the first day of a Shiva. Families are grateful to receive food and condolence items at any point during the seven-day mourning period. Shiva baskets are sent to the home where the family is sitting Shiva.

Let us help you send an authentic Kosher Shiva Basket with Free Delivery across Canada.