Monday, February 23, 2015

2015 Oscars Gift Baskets worth over $160,000

Nominee Gift Baskets are more than a consolation prize

Gifts for Every Reason, has created some really cool and awesome gift baskets over the years with some baskets valued at $1000. But the Oscar nominee baskets certainly take the cake.

It’s an honor just to be nominated for an Oscar. Right? Sure when every Oscar nominee receives a gift basket worth a record-breaking, $168,000.

2015 Oscar Gift prizes included items such as:
  • Custom-designed furniture by architect Elena Foccoli listed at $28,000,
  • A nine-day luxury tour of Italy valued at $12,000,
  • Steamist Total Sense Home Spa System, going for $5,000
  • A year of free Audi car rentals,
  • Camping vacations from TerraVelo Tours and Rocky Mountaineer worth over $27,000
  • A Gunner Fox painting valued at $5,000,
  • 10 sessions with a celebrity personal trainer
  • An L.E.D. liposuction treatment to take three inches off the waistline valued at over $4,000
  • Assorted Gourmet fine foods, Slimware portion-control plates Acne treatment, facial creams and DermaWand Sonic toothbrushes Italian scarves, glass bead bracelets Specialty clothes and shoes,
  • Candles and Greeting Cards Head support pillows, iphone screen protectors Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Family portrait session
  • Lifestyle Makeover, spa treatments Luxury Condoms Customized silver necklaces Luxury home furniture Signed copies children’s book
  • Nine-night Italian vacation package
Congratulations to all the Oscar nominee's and winners. We can't wait to see them on the big screen again.

Photo and award list courtesy of Matt Donnelly of The Wrap.


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