Monday, November 19, 2012

Cultral Neighbourhoods In Gta In Need Of Understanding

Filling a void for Halal / Arabic Gift Baskets featuring mid-eastern food favorites for Ramadan, Eid, Get Well and Birthdays.

Toronto is known for its diversity and culture and this is reflected in its many neighbourhoods. With more diverse neighbourhoods being populated in the GTA, Gifts for Every Reason has fulfilled a void for middle eastern style gift baskets. Halal Gift Baskets from Gifts for Every Reason, contain products that are NOT made with the following Haram items: pork, pork-by-products or any other meat-by-products, Gelatin from pork or cow or kosher Gelatin, Wine, Liquor, Beer, Rum flavor, Ethyl Alcohol, Soy Sauce, Yeast or Yeast Extract, Vanilla Extract, Wine Vinegar.  

What customers will find are beautiful baskets containing Authentic Turkish Delight, Fig Preserves, Assorted Roasted Nuts, Crispy Dried Apples and Mangos, Turkish Dried Figs, Almond Stuffed Olives, Crackers, Organic hard Candy and Dates. -No other company in Canada offers this type of product.-

New incentives are their FREE delivery in Ontario and Quebec and shipping across Canada.

Clients order 24/7 and feel safe using their credit card on the secure online shopping cart. They like knowing that the design and assembly of each basket is done on site to ensure they are getting the best price, quality and freshness and that each basket can easily be customized just for them.

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